Tuesday, 29 April 2014

What did you do in the climate wars, mummy?

Recession is over! We’re back in the black!
The business is booming and growth is on track;
the cash that we lost on the house has come back –
it’s time to go shopping again!

That digital gizmo that turns its own pages!
Those fabulous shoes that you’ve wanted for ages –
there’s a million and one things to do with your wages!
We’ve got to go shopping again.

All that nonsense with second-hand stuff is behind us
and repairing equipment? – dear god, don’t remind us.
We’re free to come clean, our consumption defines us:
we have to go shopping again.

So please don’t go on about ‘finite resources’
or working conditions or dry water courses:
I’m simply a victim of much greater forces –
I’d better go shopping again.