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How do we create affordable homes?

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at one of a series of events convened to explore the legacy of the financial crash of 2007.  (Here's the organisers; here's the event; and here's me.)

The three other speakers were knowledgeable and informative; I began by admitting I have no idea how to create affordable homes.  Despite involvement in a variety of housing-related projects and initiatives over the years - not least the wonderful work of Just Space - I  do not know what needs to be done.  I'm not sure I even understand the nature of the problem.  It all seems interminably complicated and difficult and dominated by heat rather than light.

The best I could offer, I said, was a few remarks that, in explaining my bewilderment, might help us, collectively, figure it out.  Roughly speaking (and it is very rough) I offered five thoughts:

1. The nature of The Crisis

It seems widely accepted that there is indeed a housing crisis; and I believe that too.  But it seems to me th…

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