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Book reviews 2018 - #6 Ardor

Ardor, by Roberto Calasso
Almost exactly four years ago I found myself in the basement of a bookshop on the Charing Cross Road.I’d been led there by a pair of binoculars.  More accurately, I'd been led there by the lens cover on a pair of binoculars.Well, not ‘on’ a pair of binoculars; they weren’t ‘on’ the binoculars, that was the problem.I had lost one of the lens covers and was about to visit Corsica and never having had to source a single lens cover for a pair of binoculars I decided that the cluster of shops selling electronic and photographic equipment on Tottenham Court Road would be my best shot.
No-one, I discovered, sells lens covers for binoculars, either singly or in pairs.I shall have to make one myself (using a piece of medium-weight cardboard, a pencil, some scissors and some Sellotape).To relieve my exasperation, and knowing that I have not yet finalised my choice of books for the journey, I wander into the bookshop and head downstairs to seek a second-hand gem.
The t…

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