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On the Framing of the Light

“We have art that we may not perish from truth” Nietzsche

Far from Brexit, Trump, climate change, phosphate depletion, poverty - you get the drift - there is... Monet. 

So, for respite, I spent half an hour at the National Gallery in room 33, where he hangs out, as it were.
Four paintings presented themselves (click to see them with proper copyright etc):
Lavacourt under Snow
Snow Scene at Argenteuil
The Gare St Lazare
The Petit Bras of the Seine at Argenteuil
There are striking similarities between these four paintings: they each have a dark triangular form that reaches towards the centre of the frame from the right-hand side; they all guide the eye towards a point just left of the centre of the picture; and they all use shading and structure to produce a particularly intense sense of illumination at and just above that left-of-centre point.  
More than anyone else, I think, Monet was able to paint the light - and, god knows, in these dark times, we need some of that.
He achieves this, it seem…

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