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Book reviews 2018 - #5 You Should Come with Me Now

An ill lit room, weak curtains leaking urban light, muffled sounds of traffic and struggle.A low table.Armchairs, two, tired and uninviting.Books and magazines in uneven profusion, hunched against the skirting board and the armchairs and spilling from the bookcases.Signs of animals.Discarded plates, empty bottles, abandoned boxes that once contained food.Ashtrays.Electronic light from two or three obscure sources.
Has something happened?Is something happening?Will something happen?
There is a single book on the low table: You Should Come with Me Now, by M John Harrison.The pages are heavily fingered, as though a reader has repeatedly returned to different sections of the book.There are multiple coffee rings on the cover, where the reader has stared into space.
Space?Or time?
Is there a difference?
Harrison enters the room with disquieting control.What is he up to?Has he a message?If he does, will he share it?If he tells us, will we understand?
Today he chooses shadowplay.He weaves the dark …

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